Hardeman County Schools' cafeterias follow mandated USDA guidelines as ammended January 2012. Menus are built to meet USDA Requirements. These guidelines call for a balance of meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat or fat-free milk, and adjusted portion sizes. Guidelines implemented in the 2015-16 school year and adopted by the Hardeman County Board of Education set certain standards for food items sold starting 45 minutes before school to 30 minutes after school in vending machines and fund raising on school premises. Guidelines call for limiting dietary fat, sugar, sodium content and portion sizes in Pre-K-8 schools as well as items sold à la carte to meet the Smart Snack and Competitive Foods standards for schools.

In addition to lunch, breakfast is served, and with the advent of the Extended School Day program, snacks are part of the program. At the high school level, nutrition breakfast and lunch programs are "offer versus serve." Out of five products, three can be chosen. Students have a choice from two or three entrees or three or four vegetables. Students may choose between three to five items with one of the items being a fruit or a vegetable to meet USDA requirements.

Lunches are traditional and à la carte in Hardeman County Schools. Elementary schools use the traditional approach with a weekly food bar that ranges from fruits and vegetables to soups and sandwiches; high schools traditionally use the à la carte approach. All schools utilize the Healthy Hunger-Free Food Act. School nutrition programs also work with special needs children requiring special diets. Medical reasons, such as diabetes or food allergies, must be documented by a physician.

We are pleased to announce that all schools in Hardeman County are piloting a new option available to select schools in Tennessee that participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. It is called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) that begun last year and will continue in school year 2015-16. In a CEP school, all students receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no cost, regardless of family income. Your child is eligible for free meals even if he/she transfers to another school in the district. See Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for details.

See USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

Breakfast Prices Lunch Prices
Teacher -- $2.00 Teacher -- $3.25
Visitor --$2.25 Visitor--$3.75

School Menus
Bolivar Central High School, Bolivar Middle School, Middleton High School, Toone Elementary, and Whiteville Elementary Schools
Bolivar Elementary, Grand Junction Elementary, Hornsby Elementary, and Middleton Elementary Schools

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