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RtIResponse to Intervention which is better known as "RTI" has been a part of Whiteville Elementary School for several years. The RTI program includes all grades Pre-Kindergarten through eighth. The faculty and staff work with the students to prepare them for the TCAP assessment and other challenges they may encounter during their school years. RTI is a program of 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the grade) of uninterrupted time for both reading and math. Reading and math times begin and end at different times during the school day to ensure that all subjects are covered during the day. In each classroom, the teacher begins with a whole group lesson. Then students begin to work in small groups with the teacher and their peers, and individually to ensure that everyone has equal learning experiences. The students work with file folder games, teacher made games, computers, and other available resources.  If you were to visit one of the classrooms during RTI, it would not look or sound like an ordinary classroom. You would hear noise, see lots of movements, and teachers working with one to five students while the other students are working in small groups called work stations or centers. You may see more than one teacher in the classroom working with students. Those additional assistants consist of  a Special Education teacher, teacher assistant, Foster Grandparent, etc.  RTI has taken learning from the "old and tired" to excitement and fun!  
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