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Whiteville Elementary School The theme for the 2013- 2014 school year for Whiteville Elementary School is:  

        "Smile: Today's a new day."

        The annual TCAP test is history!  WES students nailed the tests, and we all know it.  The remainder days of the school year is going fast because there are so many great events coming.  The month starts with a concert the Friday after the TCAP testing. Bolivar Central High School Band is putting on a concert for the students.  Field Day is Thursday May 8, for all grades.  The students will participate in games, have snacks, watch a movie, and cheer other students while they play the games.                                                                                        Students who meet their Accelerated Reader goal for the 4th nine weeks, semester, and/or year are have a major party.  The party will consist of games, treats, prizes, and of course some awesome food.  The profits from the book fair and the Wal-Mart grant (Ms. Weir wrote and received this grant) will pay for the party.  It should be a wonderful time.                                                                                                                      The 5th through 8th graders have their Final Exams May 12th through 14th.  We wish the students success on the exams.  The students have worked very hard this year and should do extremely well on their final exams.                                                                                                                                                     Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten have their graduation May 14th starting at 8:00a.m. with Pre Kindergarten graduation.  This is the last day of the first school year for all the Pre Kindergarteners.  Ms. Clark and Ms. Ferguson are very proud of all the work the students have done.  These students are ready for Kindergarten in August.  The Kindergarteners have their graduation starting at 10:00a.m.  The Kindergarteners have worked exceptionally well this year.  Many of the students are leaving Kindergarten knowing how to read and do a lot of math.  The cornerstone of education has been set for these students; parents make sure your child stays on track for the next 12 years.                                                                             The 8th graders' graduation and Awards Day is May 16th.  This is a new way of celebrating the students achievements of the year.  If you have a child in grades first through eighth then make plans to be here at 8:30a.m. for the big day.                                                                                                                                     Students in grade 2nd through 5th are going to see the Jackson Generals baseball game May 15th.  All the students are looking forward to the field trip.  This is the first minor league baseball game that many of the students have ever seen.  WES would like to say "Thank you" to the Generals for offering a student day for the game.                                                                                                                                                           Have a safe, healthy and happy Summer Break and come back ready to start the new school year August 6th, a half day for students.

        The faculty and staff encourage parents/guardian to stay involved with their child's education.  Whiteville Elementary School wants parents/guardian and other adults in the community to become partners with the staff, administrators, and teachers helping us to give your child the best education they can get. Parents should keep in contact with their child's teacher(s) all through their child's education not just during the early years. The PTI Team Meeting is September 16, 2014 starting at 6:00p.m.  Make sure to mark your calendars for this date, this is one PTI Team meeting you will not want to miss. WES encourages parents, grandparents, other family members, teachers and staff members to be involved with the PTI Team this school year, become a part of the PTI Team.

       Parents and other family members who are checking students out of school early please remember the school day is not over until 3:15pm.  If you come to the school to check out your students and the time is 3:00pm you will have to wait until 3:15pm unless it is a true emergency. We are in school and learning is going on until the end of the school day.      

Thank you. 

     The R.t.I. reading and math programs are a non-interrupted 90 minutes for each subject. Please do not disturb Kindergarten through eighth grade classes during their RTI reading from 8:00 until 10:31a.m. and RTI math from 11:00 until 3:11p.m. 

    If you are interested in become a member of the faculty or staff at Whiteville Elementary please visit the following website:   http://www.hardemancountyschools.org
Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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