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Preparing Students for Life

As summer vacation comes to an end and everyone is getting ready for the first day of school please keep a few things in mind. Students are to wear the dress code which was set up by the Hardeman County Schools Board of Education.  If you have any questions concerning the dress code please visit the Hardeman County Schools website at hardemancountyschools.org.  You will find all the needed information at this site; if you can not fine the answers to your personal questions, come by or call  Whiteville Elementary School at 254-9138 during the hours of 7:20a.m. thru 3:35p.m. Monday thru Friday.   Students' first school day is August 6, 2008 which is a half day for the students.  You and your child may find a supply list on this website or at Wal-Mart or Fred's.  If you need help please contact the school.

The teachers and staff are working hard to make this a wonderful year at Whiteville Elementary School.  Remember parents and or guardians are welcome to visit at anytime.

We want to remind parents and other community members there is an open door policy at Whiteville Elementary. We encourage parents to come see what is happening in the school.  The one change this year is our new H.E.A.R.T. program please not disturb K-5 classes during their RTI reading from 8-10a.m.  


Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


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